TAILWIND – Customer Success Management

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Cool site, cool product,
your shop has lots of visitors – if only you could stop so many customers from jumping off again!


Preventing this is just one goal of Tailwind CSM. It is all about the systematic development of customer relationships, the most important resource in any company.

Customer Success Management is a data-driven strategy that measures value growth at every stage of the customer journey and optimizes the orchestration of services for that customer. The goal is the sustainable growth of existing business relationships.

Data-driven development of values

Tailwind ensures greater customer loyalty and generates more returning customers. Tailwind measures the network based on subjective perceptions. This makes it clear where value is created (from a subjective point of view) and where value is negated. Value can be developed to counteract any decline in value. Tailwind generates an orchestration logic that allows for real-time customization. Thus, the performance can be controlled systematically and is data-based.

Boosting Growth

Tailwind always leads to a spurt in growth, because it is preventing churn. But it also provides the momentum at the core of any business model: the subjective perception from the customer’s point of view. Tailwind CSM is primarily aimed at companies in the digital business. However, certain conditions must be met before Tailwind bears fruit.

The catalyst in the relationship between customers and their suppliers

Metrinomics subjects each prospective client to an in-depth analysis to gauge growth opportunities. We reserve the right to work only with companies in which we are certain that we can be the impetus that fuels their growth. Our compensation is based on the level of our success. We only take a risk with a client when we are sure of a successful outcome.

Tailwind – Success preprogrammed as a goal

  • works in close data link with CRM, but also generates value as a stand-alone solution
  • provides control signals for service orchestration, customer support, and customer communication.

Tailwind works with cloud-based systems and intelligent technology. Our methodology: success is pre-programmed as a goal, the business mechanics are pre-determined and the resources and processes are adapted accordingly. Tailwind supports the full range of functions and departments in a business.


For more than twenty years, Metrinomics has been supporting global businesses with platforms that impact processes through scientifically based customer interaction and feedback. Between our platform users and their customers, we are a catalyst for business development. The impact of Tailwind is to increase loyalty, trust, commitment and business volume in customer relationships.

As a thought leader in the professional services environment, Metrinomics is actively involved in international committees responsible for refining the processes that measure value. To this end, we are working in conjunction with a number of international companies that contribute to the development of methodologies through data sharing. Metrinomics transforms soft facts into hard facts and action items.